Welcome to Avalgon

Launched in 2020 after two years of development, Avalgon supports tech startups that have developed a unique business idea, and that aim to make an instant impact and take over the market.

Startups are in a unique position where they can reach success on a massive scale when provided with the right direction and support. Many highly successful and well known companies began as start-ups that used incubators to spur growth including current industry giants such as Reddit, Dropbox, and AirBNB, all of which have current valuations greater than $1 billion.

However…many start-ups can’t access the support required in order to succeed. Many are unable to access incubators because of their physical location. Others are not from the ‘right background’ and are not privileged to the support they require. And today, in these unprecedented times marked with restricted travel, isolated living and working and social distancing, many physical incubators have had to close their doors, resulting in no or reduced support to start-ups.


Meet the Avalgon Team


Baris Arslan

CEO & Co-Founder

Baris is a performance and results-driven entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in international IT, real estate and gaming projects. Strong business leader skilled in management, strategy and technology. Build teams, motivates and directs them to achieve outstanding results. Partner at Priority Token and Industry 4.0 Investment Bank. Co-Founder at MarmalAds and MyTickets24.

Victor Larionov

Victor Larionov

CIO & Co-Founder

Victor is a serial entrepreneur with an extensive network of investors across the world (VC and Private Equity funds, Family Offices, UHNWI & HNWI) and a strong track record in capital raising for tech projects. CEO and Co-Founder at Priority Token and Industry 4.0 Investement Bank. Partner at Hax Ventures (Singaporean fund and accelerator). Head of Innovation Sub-committee at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russian Federation.

Thomas Taroni bw

Thomas Taroni


Thomas is an IT-architecture mastermind and serial entrepreneur for over 10 years. Founder of Phoenix Systems and KORE Technologies to design IT architectures and infrastructure focusing on process automation, Big Data and Blockchain. He immersed himself into blockchain technology and built an encompassing product suite including the required security infrastructure for the financial industry. Thomas is official member of the Forbes Technology Council.

Helmut Schrey

Helmut Schrey



Adrian Petrescu

Blockchain Dev

Matias Lapuschin

Matias Lapuschin

Head of Content Marketing


Meet the Avalgon Advisory Board

Alexis Sheikh

Strategic Advisor

Alexis is a specialist in transactions in finance, hedge funds, private equity, startups and sales with more than 20 years of successful transactions. He is a certified investment adviser at the Stockholm School of Economics and founded SuperCap Management, focused on execution of investment strategies for hedge fund trading, venture capital funds and direct investments in blockchain, DLT and digital asset companies.

Mohamed Gouali

Dr. Mohamed Gouali

Strategic Advisor

Mohamed has more than 20 years experience across the world in decisively helping global corporations, governments entities, family offices, HNWI in Strategy, Business and Digital transformation, M&A, Debt restructuring, Assets portfolio restructuring, Investment Strategy and Capital Markets. He originated, led, and executed transactions and assignments exceeding twenty billion dollars. Mohamed is graduated from the Harvard Business School (Boston, USA).

Reto Gadient bw

Reto Gadient

Strategic Advisor

Reto is a former UBS executive with 20+ international experience in the Financial Services Industry. As co-founder of the Crypto Valley Association in Zug and Organizer of Crypto Mountain Rocks Reto has a large network to international blockchain startups and crypto investors. He holds an EMBA and MSc in Marketing of Lorange Institute of Business Zurich and a BA in Education.

Jason Hung bw

Jason Hung

Strategic Advisor

Jason is a serial entrepreneur and consultant in mobile business, blockchain, digital marketing, AI and ERP related business. He is co-founder of ICA (International Consensus Association). Before he founded ICA, he was formal CEO or VP at several famous enterprise companies such as Oracle, Systex, Chidopi and iSoftstone. He is one of top People of Blockchain ranked by media and consulting firms and helped over 45 Projects to raise funds.