Benefits of Joining Top European Incubators

top European incubators

Benefits of Joining Top European Incubators

Jul 19, 2021

Why Does Your New Business/Startup Need to Work with One of The Top European Incubators?

Are you looking for the best incubator startup near you? Let’s first discuss why you need one!

Best startup incubators in EuropeFor their startup projects, many founders seek out incubation programs. While the concept isn’t a guarantee of success, it does provide a helping hand throughout the most difficult stage of development.

Best startup incubators in Europe are sometimes supported by the government or founded by universities. They can be created by serial entrepreneurs to aid in the growth of a certain industry or by a venture capital fund to gain early access to a pipeline of potential businesses in some situations.




Startups who join European accelerator receive access to the following resources:

  • Coworking space that is free (or low-cost).
  • Business resources that are related to the industry
  • For financial opportunities, make contact with investors.
  • Mentoring and one-on-one training
  • Benefits that help you grow faster

What Are Some of The Top European Incubators?

The following are some of the Top European Incubators. While the majority of the alternatives are open to businesses from all around the world, some have tight criteria for selection.

Codebase; Scotland – Aberdeen, Stirling, Edinburgh

Codebase, which was founded in 2014, is one of Europe’s greatest startup incubators. The organization has offices in three cities and is affiliated with Barclays in strategic corporate collaboration.

  • Over $600 million has been raised by Codebase startups.
  • The university hosts a 10-week pre-accelerator program.
  • Mentorship sessions are held in 24 places around the United Kingdom by this European accelerator.

Decelera; Mayakoba, Mexico & Menorca, Spain

Decelera is the first Startup Decelerator in the world. They provide accelerator programs to second-time founders to assist them in determining the optimum growth model for scaling their latest firm sustainably.

  • Offers a two-week acceleration program followed by 18 months of assistance.
  • With the goal of worldwide expansion, focuses on projects with a tested MVP and excellent metrics.
  • The “deceleration model” shifts the emphasis away from speed and toward meaningful relationships, sustainable business methods, and global-scale concerns.
  • Startups that are linked with at least one of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals are chosen.

On top of all above mentioned there is This one. Avalgon Startup incubator for Europe which is a virtual incubator and its mostly oriented towards Tech companies, but other startups are also welcome. Read out trough the rest of the website and apply and Learn why Avalgon is one of the Top European Incubators.


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