How Do Accelerators Help Startups?

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How Do Accelerators Help Startups?

Apr 23, 2021

Startup accelerators have gotten a lot of consideration in recent years, yet additionally, a little study is a prerequisite. They are either misinterpreted or inaptly generalized with different foundations supporting early-stage startups, like incubators, angel investors, and beginning phase venture capitalists. 


In a new study distributed by the Brookings Foundation, we learn how to tackle a part of the disorder around startup accelerators by giving a more precise image of what they do and how they vary from other startup organizations. It likewise provides an audit of the study on the viability of accelerators to accomplish their target points, some accepted procedures for accelerator projects, and a few figures on the size, extension, and effect of these associations in the United States.


Accelerators are taking an essential part in startup networks all through the US and beyond. Early proof exhibits the vast capability of accelerators to improve new businesses’ results and for its advantages to burst out over into the more extensive startup community. Nonetheless, the quantifiable effect accelerators have on execution differs broadly in terms of programs. Not all accelerators are made similar.


What Is A Startup Accelerator?

Startup accelerators support the beginning phase, development-driven organizations through schooling, mentorship, and financing. New businesses set foot into accelerators for a fixed timeframe and as a component of an associate of organizations. The accelerator experience is an interaction of profound, fast, and vivid instructions pointed toward speeding up the existing pattern of startup organizations, condensing years of learning-by-doing into only a couple of months. 


The four different factors that make accelerators exceptional are 

  • fixed-term, 
  • partner-based,
  • mentorship-driven, and 
  • they come entirely in graduation


None of the other recently referenced initial foundations — incubators, angel investors, or seed-stage investors — have these aggregate components. Accelerators may impart the objectives of developing beginning phase startups, yet they are unique, with unmistakably extraordinary plans of action and motivation structures. 


However, the disarray is genuine, including within the startup itself. Indeed, of the almost 700 US-based associations distinguished as accelerators or accelerators/incubators or comparable — either through oneself or through driving financial patron information bases — one could affirm these four measures in less than 33% of them. All in all, two of each three accelerators are not indeed accelerators.


What Startup Accelerators Do?

1. Favorable Environment For Development 

Perhaps the most significant contribution of a seed accelerator to a startup is clubbing all the organizational structure blocks under one roof. In other words, they offer mentorship, assets, innovation, and administrations in lawful and monetary matters. In a particularly favorable environment, a startup can get through – by and large – the economic cycle with the assistance of its guides, who give recorded bits of knowledge to keep away from complexities. 

2. Risk-Free Startup Beginnings 

An accelerator changes a program as indicated by the startup to identify the potential dangers to its development in the market regarding quality, employment, selling, marketing, opposition, and funding. It offers to abridge these barriers. In this manner, accelerators successfully take a chance to develop new startups and clear the path to progress. 

3. Facilitated Access To Customers And Financial Supporters

Startups regularly struggle to discover clients and angel investors toward starting their journey when it is required. In such cases, an accelerator can step in to offer their organization the vital individuals that they need. This assists startups with understanding the requirements of their customers and clients better; work on real business cases in accelerator projects, and get assets through produced contacts in the community. Accelerator decreases the expense of dispatching a startup by as much as 50%, and they likewise give essential mentoring help, business associations, and financial support.

4. Opportunities In Community Engagement Practices 

The accelerator coordinates practical community engagement exercises for growing startups, which assists them with selecting and improving their general environment. Accelerator-initiated events also give roads to different organizations. The advantage of working in a cooperating space is that it turns into space to examine ideas, concerns, and prerequisites with similar individual business visionaries. It improves the association with the organization and assists with building a solid group. 

5. Advances Into A Worldwide Network 

For startups aiming to go worldwide, an accelerator can likewise help them expand their community of companions worldwide, known for their skill, experience, and commitment, just as essential help, human and monetary capital, and unmatched systems administration. They can enter this real world with a solid grip.

Top 3 Accelerators For Startups Today

Y Combinator

Have you heard about Y Combinator? Established in 2005, it is considered one of the most seasoned startup incubators. So far, they have supported more than 2,000 new businesses, including a few recognized names like Airbnb, Dropbox, and Reddit. The Y Combinator group numbers above 4,000 organizers, and their arrangement of organizations have a joined valuation surpassing $100 billion. 


If your startup is in the beginning phase, you can use Y Combinator’s semiannual 3-month program. During this time, you will move to Silicon Valley to work intimately with their group. The organizations will get the chance to get their requirements fit as a fiddle and get on the path of development by focusing on different ventures.


Situated in New York and San Francisco, the accelerator program has worked with more than 150 organizations with standard financing of 11 million USD for each. They have a great history and have been positioned as the Top US Accelerator by MIT’s Seed Accelerator Benchmark consistently since 2015.


One of their many prominent graduated class organizations has raised $578,000,000 to date and was last assessed for $1.9 billion and filed an initial public offering this year. 


At regular intervals, they select 15 groups for their 3-month severe program. The applications are many, yet on the off chance if you are lucky enough, you will get sponsorship, mentorship, just as preparing in a broad scope of subjects. Generally, you will have the chance to be a part of their enthusiastic community of originators and structure associations with investors.

Launchpad LA

If you and your group live or migrate to L.A., Launchpad LA might be the ideal decision for your innovation startup. Their 4-month accelerator program offers financing, free office space, a broad organization of mentors, financial supporters, and counsels, just as different extraordinary free advantages. 


Launchpad LA is an adaptable venture by the way they pick what organizations to work with. They are keen on solid groups with astonishing items that need a push and backing the correct way. That could be raising money, business advancement, product refinement or some other part of the startup development measure.

The Bottom Line

To sum up, accelerators can positively affect the exhibition of the startups they work with, including other essential beginning phase investors. This finding isn’t widespread among all accelerators. Early evidence shows that accelerators may positively affect pulling in seed and initial financing to a community, bringing surplus advantages to the territorial economy. 


In recent years, the development of accelerators appears to be a positive expansion to startup environments- the nation over and the world. Some may not make a big deal about difference, yet numerous do. The best ones are ready to earnestly improve the chances of achievement for the startups that graduate from them.


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