How To Get Investors For Startups — Expert Tips

How To Get Investors For Startups

How To Get Investors For Startups — Expert Tips

Jun 29, 2021

Finding a suitable investor for your startup requires careful planning. When you decide to take off with your startup, an investor plays the trump card by providing all the funding you need.


Naturally, investors’ compatibility, contribution, and dedication to the team play a dominant role. Although dozens of people look for investors to help kickstart their startup companies, not all of them prove to be spot-on. Why is that? Because the company doesn’t focus hard enough on getting a quality investor to head the funding. 


In this blog, we will help you evaluate how to get startup investors for your business. If you are new to this process, our article will provide you with a comprehensive helping hand. 


Why Do You Need A Startup Investor?

Think of your business. You have recently decided on launching your startup in the market, but you do not have the funds for it. In addition, you do not want to take a loan as it is full of risk factors. However, since you have a website to design, various marketing tools to purchase, and other automated machines for your day-to-day operations, you need an inflow of cash to survive. That is when startup investors come in handy.

Although starting a business is quite an exciting process, it is loaded with pros and cons. A startup investor provides:

  1. Financial assistance
  2. A backbone to deal with your company
  3. A support system that helps during a crisis


How To Get Investors For A Startup?

Social Media 

Social media has proven to be a powerful tool for several years now. But in the modern age, it only seems to be an ever-increasing market. What is most intriguing about this platform is that it allows individuals to engage in cost-effective business that helps them to save enough for the long run. No wonder it is also one of the most valuable ways to reach out to your startup investor. 

When it comes to outreach, start by scheduling regular posts written explicitly for investors. You could also apply relevant hashtags to attract a broader audience. Direct messages to investors can also work like magic. 

Facebook, Linked In, and Instagram are the most effective ones to use. You could also switch to Twitter, depending on your market. However, you are most likely to find someone on LinkedIn as it is a thoroughly professional platform.


Most people assume that blogs are only helpful for writers and fashion influencers. But the world of blogging goes far beyond that. Many innovative entrepreneurs have used this medium to find suitable investors who know the drill in recent times. So whether you want to share your story, write about your ideal startup investors or publish a crowdfunding series, it’s always going to come in handy for you. 

If you do not have a blog of your own, you could also visit the blogs of your ideal investors and interact with them there to grab their attention. 

Posting comments and reacting to the responses can help them to recognize you and your brand right away. Do not forget to publish the blogs on Medium and LinkedIn. 

If that helps attract traction for their blogs, they are most likely to engage with you. If Hunter Walk and Brad Feld can do it, why not you?


Most of us underestimate email marketing but think about it again. The email has always done its job bang-on, helping thousands of businesses to find their ideal investor match. A simple email that details to the investor about your brand, goals, vision, and expectations will do the job. These are most useful to grab the attention of angel investors and venture capitalists. If you have email content that is short, crisp, and detailed, you are good to go. 

If you are wondering how to get investors for a startup, use the power of email. Send across your message to various investors. Then, wait for a stipulated period for them to revert to your message. You will indeed receive a positive response in no time.


Corporate events are not the only time for some informal interactions. They are also the time to meet, greet and develop relationships with people from different industries in the market. If you attend regular conferences, corporate meetings, and other events, do not miss an opportunity to get in touch with a potential investor if you find one. Talk to them about your business. Ask them what they do and how they do. Tell them that you need an investor to help you uplift your business. 

Corporate events are your one-stop solution to pitching your investors without an effortful presentation. But, of course, you can also do this during coding marathons, monetary events, and more. 


The internet is not limited to social media, email, and blogging. There is a varied list of opportunities waiting to grab your attention and help you explore a realm of goodness. Try to gain the attention of investors using different platforms. The best way to start this is by using the internet. Explore it. Keep researching the different ways you can reach out to startup investors online. You are bound to find several valuable opportunities that will be useful like no other. 

Investor Platforms 

Today, there are many investor platforms to help you select the right one for your business. If you face immense trouble while finding a suitable investor offline, switch to online platforms like these. 

WeFunder, CrowdCube, and Republic are some of the most helpful and effective investor platforms we can think of right now. You could also scout for AngelList. 

Many investor platforms provide help for startups at a very reasonable price. All you need to do is research them thoroughly and make sure they adhere to your needs and expectations. 


Finding external investors for your startup can undoubtedly be a difficult challenge to cater to. As such, it is wise to start from home. First, consider your family and relatives. Ask them if they would like to pitch in as investors for your startup. Share your goals, opportunities, and goals with them. Tell them how you can make them benefit from your brand right away. Make sure you set realistic expectations for them, though. Once you do that, you might have done your job right.

The best part about finding investors at home is that you do not have to undergo background checks with them. The reliability will also be paramount, and you can kickstart with minimal doubts in mind.

 The bottom line

Impressing a startup investor should be the final destination. If the investor has a smile on their face, you have done your job. But doing that requires you to analyze crucial factors like delivering a sincere introduction, remaining honest throughout the process, and delivering the right pitch deck. You must also be smart enough to leverage the internet like a tech-savvy individual. 

Apart from the basics, there are some standout ways to do this too. Make sure that your idea is unique and innovative. If the idea is not impressive enough, try to deliver an exceptional product. A clear business plan is equally essential. You must know your strategy. This will make it clear for the investor to understand your goal right and invest accordingly. Tracking your success metrics and having a qualified management team are also crucial factors. 

Once you deliver these essentials properly, you will not worry about getting investors for a startup. Instead, they will come flocking by themselves.



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