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Join hundreds of tech entrepreneurs in a one-year program that turns dreams into successful businesses. Gain access to the best industry practices and a reliable network of investors.


Less paperwork, more money

The all-digital Avalgon platform connects you with entrepreneurs from the incubator to assess their plans, hear their pitchs, and take investment decisions in a safe and reliable manner.

001 ux design

All-in-one platform

Access valuable resources from a single-access platform

002 touch

100% digital selection

Manage the entire selection process digitally

003 app

Secure data sharing

Share information risk-free with end-to-end encryption

006 global network

Networking opportunities

Meet investors of the Avalgon network from all over the world

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New startups every quarter

Access a fresh batch of promising projects every single quarter

005 cpu

Focus on technology

From medtech to blockchain, all Avalgon startups are tech-focused


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