Raising Startup Investments In The UK — Beginners Guide

invest in a startup UK

Raising Startup Investments In The UK — Beginners Guide

Jun 29, 2021

Most people who wish for someone to invest in a startup UK may not know where to start. Since investment can be tricky, they want to be sure they are undergoing the process right.

Startups are young and fragile. They demand unique, practical, and valuable strategies for growth. Since capital is also at a minimum during this stage, you need to consider a plan that works for your investment options. That is why raising startups UK needs careful consideration. That’s what we are here for! 

What Is Start-up Investment? 


Startup funding refers to the initial funds that the concerned company requires during its launch. It helps the company to meet their desired requirements to introduce themselves to the public and make an appearance in the market. Generally, friends, family members, and relatives are the ones who invest in startups UK first. But people can also make room for angel investors and other investor options as per their convenience and requirement. 

Startup investment can be contributed by many people together. As long as the funds help the company meet its desired goals and help it transform into its ideal self, it’s all good to go. However, if you are looking for a more comprehensive insight into startup funding, here are the different types of them for you to know. 

Family And Friends 


Investment can be a risky affair. You may have looked for a dozen investors and found your perfect match, but are you sure they will be ready to invest sufficiently into your business? Can the reliability click between you both at once? Since most startups are generally afraid to get their hands on a professional investor right now, friends and family come in handy. These are the most common startup investors in the UK. 


If you have a strong group of friends and family, they can come to your rescue. Since this is a flexible option, most people trust this option before all others. Also, friends and family are less likely to indulge in background checks which makes it more uncomplicated. However, it comes with an added risk. If by any chance, your startup fails to make enough money, your friends and family are likely to ask for their money back. On the other hand, an investor would never do that as they know the value of risk in startup investments. 

Government Funding 


Britain has top-class government funding opportunities for various startup companies. The government funding here has been functioning for more than a decade now and is trusted by several businesses looking for someone to invest in a UK startup. That is why Patent Box, R&D Tax Credits, and so much more are available right at your fingertips. 

However, you have to make sure you match your eligibility criteria for government funding here. You could also visit the government funding UK website for more information on the same.


Crowdfunding platforms are growing popular with each passing day. In the modern age, there are two types of this funding process: Equity-based and rewards-based. Although crowdfunding is a highly competitive sector, it can help you gain sufficient capital for your business without thinking twice. Today, the UK is full of helpful crowdfunding opportunities. Crowdcube is one of them. 

However, you must keep in mind that crowdfunding may require you to brainstorm more and make heftier investments since the competition is so high. But once you stand out, there is no turning back. But for anyone who wishes to get investments for their business on time, it never fails to whisk its magic wand. 

Debt Financing 


Although debt financing has been deemed expensive for most startups, it can be helpful if you have no option at hand. With debt financing, you can say goodbye to one of the most prominent problems of every entrepreneur — protecting equity. So when they invest in a startup UK, they make sure to help it outgrow itself amidst others. 


Yes, many startups refuse to opt for debt financing most of the time because they feel it is hazardous. But if you get the hang of it right, you are good to go. Make sure that if you want to get your hands on debt financing, you make enough effort to research it. Startup loans, convertible loans, and advance funding are some of the various debt financing options available for you to scout from in need.

Equity Funding 


When private brands sell their shares to external investors for sound investment capital, the process is called equity funding. Generally, such investments in the UK are carried out by angel investors who have enough money to spend on other brands. However, Venture Capitalists may also spend a fortune on them without a second thought. 

Although both angel investors and venture capitalists are ready to invest in startup UK, you must consider whether they are willing to provide everything properly. So, once you get your hands on this type of funding opportunity, do not forget to analyse the investors carefully to help understand whether they are the perfect match for your startup. 

How To Choose The Best Investor For Your Startup? 


Simply having someone to invest in your startup company is not all that it needs to find an investor. If you have long-term plans to make your business bloom, it is always significant to consider the expertise of your external investor. Ask for how long they have served in this business. Keep a track record of the numerous companies they have helped raise funds and how it has gone for them so far. An investor with the right expertise will invest in your company and advise you sufficiently on how to make the most of it without worrying much. 


Initially, reliability matters the most. You want to make sure that the investor you are hiring for your startup is reliable enough to make the investments without any hindrance. That is why most successful companies recommend you to start by choosing your friends, family, and relatives as investors for your brand. Many big companies have started that way, and today, they are a household name. Along with that, it is also essential to make sure the investor can support your endeavors.


Most investors realize how significant it is to mitigate the risks and take their own time to reach goals. Since startups are young and inexperienced, the investor needs to go easy on them. That is why you should consider if your investor is patient enough to give you time to reach your goals. Ask them if they are willing to be patient enough to wait for you to achieve the highs when you are facing the lows. 

Although patience may not seem like a crucial attribute initially, once you engage with investors and handle their pressure, you will realize it in time. So, anyone looking to invest in startups UK must have this quality to help you work with minimal pressure in mind. 


Every investor has a different set of expectations from your startup. When you select your ideal investor, keep in mind to analyze what expectations they have. Ask them questions about how many timelines they are willing to provide you for helping you to achieve your goals. Please make sure all their expectations relating to your brand are realistic. This will help you to work towards the goals rightly without any problems. 

The Bottom Line 

If you wish to find an investor willing to invest in a startup UK, make sure you consider this article thoroughly to get your hands on nothing but the best. Remember, analysis, observation, and brainstorming are vital.


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