Startup Fundraising: 8 Tips From A Business Incubator

Startup Fundraising

Startup Fundraising: 8 Tips From A Business Incubator

May 28, 2021

Startup Fundraising: 8 Tips From A Business Incubator


You want to start your business next month. You have mapped out your goals. You have a team ready to rock and roll. The website designer, supporters, and service manufacturers have all given a green signal. But as you come to check the last and the most prominent bit of launching your startup, it is empty. What is that?- The startup capital.


Startup capital is what lifts your company and gears up to drive it to its ultimate destination. It allows the brand to tread towards steady growth, attain its objectives and maintain the staff needed to function accurately.Since most startup companies are bound to lack funds in the initial stages, it is best to opt for startup fundraising.


Fundraising for a startup is no cakewalk. It will need you to run several errands, engage in extensive socializing, and stand stringent until this frustrating process reaches an end. Although it is impossible to cut out this process and still raise funds entirely, we have analyzed a few incredible tips from a business incubator that will whisk the magic wand for you.

How does Start-up Funding work?

Startup funding, as we have discussed above, is a tiring process. It can exhaust you out of all the interminable effort it will ask for. People who cannot find the proper funding for their companies often find bank loans an easy escape. But it may do more harm than good. The added pressure of paying the debt will remain, leaving your business at a financially disadvantageous position in the long run. If you are unable to generate surplus capital, you may fail to pay off the loan. As a result, you may have to abort the mission forever.


Startup funding may be an annoying process, but your stress levels can take a back seat when it takes off, and you can enjoy the flight to success. For starters, we won’t recommend you to find external investors right away. With minimal experience, you may find it daunting to search for reliable sources. So, it always leaves you at an added risk of fraudulent practices against your brand. Don’t do that. Instead, it is best to seek internal investors who you can trust and rely on. These investors can come in the form of close friends, family members, and other supporters. Such a practice is also known as ‘pre-seed funding.’ Once you master this practice, it won’t be long when you can swiftly transcend to more mature funding called ‘seed funding.


Seed funding or angel funding is what we would like to call external financing. At this point, you can look for outside sources with some experience. This will help you work on a more professional level and search for more long-term funding options without restrictions. Seed funding also comes to the rescue for market research and product development. Additionally, these can be followed by a series of funding rounds known as A, B, and C. So, if you want to improve your development process and get out of the lap of funding done by family members and close friends, it will be great.


The process of indulging in funding with angel investors is simple- they will offer a decent amount of money for an equity stake in the startup. However, between the rounds, their demands will take turns. So, you have to be focused upon fulfilling those goals for them. These startup accelerators will potentially work for your brand in the long run.

Startup Fundraising

8 Tips From A Business Incubator

Lay Out A Fundraising Strategy

You want to raise funds for your company- Understandable. But if you do not know the process of going about it, it’s all vain. With a specific method of going about your fundraising strategy, you are more likely to reach out to your goals on time. There will also be less room for complications and time-consumption as your vision is clear. Ask yourself a few significant whys, whens, and hows. Start by documenting why you are raising the capital. Then, try to analyze when you want to increase the means. Finally, you can proceed with how you are going to go about it. The fundraising strategy needs to be tailored according to your aspirations, objectives, and goals. It would be wise to consult a start-up incubator for the same.

Define Your Fundraising Goals

The final stage of the fundraising strategy layout is crucial. If you miss that, you’ve lost the golden ticket to your brand’s success. That is why careful consideration of the fundraising goals is significant. This is going to involve everything essential to help your capital grow profoundly. You have to consider how much time you need to raise the capital, how much money you will need for the same, and how you will do it. Research sufficiently about startup incubators online and how they can help you. Taking a peek into your competitor’s goal-building strategies via the internet would also be a wise method. Make sure that you come out with a comprehensive fundraising goal for your startup by the end of all the brainstorming.

Reach Out To Investors

You are not going to get investors to come to you. You have to approach them. Start by researching your investors. Think about how you can make them interact with you and be interested in the services you offer. Think about what you can do to drive them to invest and raise funds for your brand. But one of the most effective ways to reach out to your investors is with the help of business incubators. These organizations designed to serve companies looking for investors are a massive helping hand during crises like these. Ensure you research sufficiently about them to understand how they work and how they can help you.

Prepare A Killing, Tailored Pitch Deck

A pitch deck is a presentation used to reflect your company’s potential to serve its valued clients and investors. During the pre-seed funding process, this may not be significant. But when you hop into seed funding, a pitch deck will have all the fun of the fair. But here’s some extra work- creating a pitch deck isn’t all you need to convince your investors to raise funds for your startup. You have to compel them to become your investors by preparing a killing, tailored pitch deck that involves innovation and style. This contains power to convince investors to double in no time.

Keep Upgrading The Plan

Even if you have a stand-out plan for your company’s investments, you may fail to grab the attention of suitable investors for your firm. But that doesn’t mean that you stay hooked to the same fundraising strategies, pitch deck, and capital goals. Change with time is crucial. Keep upgrading your process, pitch deck to strengthen its potential to grab investors right away. By having an outdated system at hand, you are more likely to make your investors buzz off for something better. So, always keep that in mind.

Don’t Forget The Follow-ups

If you have submitted the pitch deck and interacted with the investor, you are more likely to receive a neutral response. Sentences like “Okay, we will discuss it further” or “We will let you know” neither mean a yes nor a no. As a result, all you can do is wait for them to come up with those magical words. You may realize that there is no response from them in time, and you may start feeling dejected. But what if they entirely forgot about it? Or never got the opportunity to think about it again? That is why regular follow-ups are crucial until you get final feedback.

Build Your Story

An inspiring story is a significant asset to your company. If you can drive your investors to invest in your firm, a big success story can go a long way. Record all your successful strategies to make your company grow. Hone your focus and put continuous efforts into building your brand name. Your investors are bound to come flocking in like bees.

Don’t Give Up

It may seem to take longer than ever to get an investor to start raising funds for your company but do not feel dejected—stand firm to the ground. Do not lose faith in yourself. Remember that all good things take time so let yours take their course too. As you stand there working hard, focusing profoundly on your job, and finding out new strategies, finding a potential investor for fundraising is inevitable. Remember, even the most reputed companies in the world today did not catch investors right at the moment. It takes time.


Fundraising is a hard day’s task, but you will only be an inch away from your fundraising goals if you know how to hit them right. So, make sure you focus on everything intricately; if you want to know how to apply for a startup incubator, research online. You are bound to find all necessary information at the top of its search engine list.



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