What Is A Startup Incubator?

Startups are rapidly growing in the business world today. But what makes them successful or helps them succeed in their path in their initial phase?

Thanks to the concept of startup incubators that has been leveraging startups’ potentials and giving them a required thrust in the market.

If you are new to this term, you have come to the right place. Delve deep into the blog and learn more about business incubators and their role in start-up development.


What Is A Startup Incubator?

Startups are new to the business world, and they require knowledge and exposure to carve out a unique place. That’s where a startup incubator comes in handy.

It is basically a collaborative program that is created to assist startups and help them succeed. A business incubator program also helps the new entrepreneurs to overcome the challenges of the business industry and help them grow. 

Whether it is issues related to the workplace or financial matters, business incubators will always look to enhance the startups’ profits and reach.

The sole objective of a virtual business incubator model is to take a startup towards success and keep a sustaining position in the market.

These startup incubators are mostly non-profit organizations that can be either private or public entities. There are plenty of business incubators who are doing a great job in harnessing the startups’ potentials.


What Are The Common Services of A Startup Incubator?

There are some common features that every startup incubator will offer to respective startups. Some incubators may offer additional services, but these are the most common ones that you will find:

  • Helping in clearing the business basics
  • Providing better network opportunities
  • Offering marketing assistance
  • Access to high-speed internet
  • Helping in fine-tuning the presentation skills
  • Exposing to better resources
  • Getting connected to the strategic partners
  • Giving access to venture capitalists and angel investors
  • Providing complete business trading programs
  • Creating mentors and advisory boards
  • Developing business etiquettes
  • Assistance in commercializing technology
  • Provide assistance in regulatory compliance
  • Legal counsel and property management

These are some of the basic services you can avail of from incubators.

Startup Incubator Common Services


Top Incubators Around The Globe

There are different incubators in the world that are doing their best to make things easier for startups. Below are some of the globally-reckoned business incubators that you should know about:

 Y Combinator: The company has kickstarted almost 300 startups around the globe since its launch in 2005. It is a leading incubator in the world that has some of the famous startups on its list, including Airbnb and Dropbox. Y Combinator is based in Mountain View, CA.

Excelerate Labs: It is a Chicago-based incubator that is meant for startups in every niche. Excelerate Labs is quite different from general incubators. It is a 13-week summer program where startups come to pitch to the area investors. It provides them the right exposure in the market.

TechStars: Just like the Excelerate Labs, TechStars hosts a 12-week mentoring program that addresses the core challenges faced by startups. TechStars is among the top startup hubs in the world. A Unified Seed Accelerator Application was recently launched, which is meant to help entrepreneurs gain knowledge about the market and increase their reach.

CodeLaunch: It is yet another seed accelerator and incubator program that helps startups to connect with other established businesses. This helps startups gain a productive forefront among the peers. The program allows startups to pitch their business to other businesses and develop a staunch clientele.

T-Hub: T-Hub is deemed as the fastest-growing startup engine that is pioneering in the Indian market. It is one of the fastest-growing incubators in India that is creating innovation in its field. There are multiple services available T-Hub ranging from pitching to client sealing.

Naiot:  Naiot Venture Accelerator is an incubator-cum venture capital investment program where startups can meet prospective angel investors and venture capitalists. It is the first exposure startups receive to grow their business financially.


The Bottom Line

According to stats, only 56% of startups survive without any help. The rest of the startups suffer due to a lack of information and the right exposure in the market. That’s why the concept of a startup incubator was introduced. It is a program that helps startups to receive a required thrust in the market and move towards success.

Various business incubators around the globe are treading the extra mile to provide all the required help to the startups.

These startup incubators have indeed helped a lot in changing the positions of startups in the business industry. From teaching the presentation skills to helping in the accounting services, a startup incubator will cover all the necessary services.

 If you are all set to begin your startup, it would be better to consult a startup incubator that will help you along the way.


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